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Welcome to

09-07-2013 Hang Around Victor Day UPDATE
is a project of

Be Found WebsiteServices Inc.
the heart of the Vilage of Victor, NY
50 West Main Street
Our primary goal is simple and is best explained

"Helping to Match Homeowners with Qualified/Affordable Contractors"

We realize that there are many websites out there doing something similar, however, our business model is different.  We charge contractors that are seeking work in the Victor, NY area a very nominal monthly fee of $10 (after the initial start up fee of $20).  The contractors add their information and qualifications using our fairly detailed data input form. From there we collect what is required to  add the information to what we call our 'Contractors Quick List' that we need for their listings including their business name, their website url and/or e-mail, their phone number and contact person name.  Our plan moving forward is to also include some quick links to the rating services like 'The Better Business Bureau', and 'The Better Contractors Bureau' that relate to the contractors that we listif and when available.  This should be beneficial to all involved in "Helping to Match Homeowners with Qualified/Affordable Contractors".
Primary Benefits to Home & Business Owners
It's FREE to Homeowners and Business Owners ~ Our Remodeling website will have Home Improvement Contractors, Builders, Handyman Services, and more that can be found by going to the 'Contractors Quick List front and center on the Home page.  If you add your project information we will do our best to provide you with a list of qualified affordable contractors to choose from in your area within 24 hours.

Primary Benefits to Contractors

  1. AFFORDABILITY - Many quality affordable contractors are limited in terms of their ability to advertise what they do.  Most realize that they should have some way of people finding them on the internet so makes it both easy and affordable.
  2.’ is top-ranked in Google® search for keywords: ‘remodeling Victor NY’.  This should prove to be a very affordable way for you to advertise your contracting business.
  3. RemodelingVictorNY.comalso collects leads from those looking for quotes on different types of renovations, remodeling, construction, landscaping, hardscaping, etc., that will then be sent on to those qualified and interested in receiving  contractor job leads.
  4. Additional services through Be Found Website Services Inc., such as website marketing and development, design, and search engine optimization will be available at a discounted rate of 10% from our regular pricing, should the need arise.

Why Utilize Our Services
For Home And Business Owners ~ Often times a large percentage of property owners are left to hire contractors or sub-contractors to work on their homes at unreasonable prices and with the quality of workmanship that is substandard. This happens most often because they are limited in their selection. This website will be a great source of finding pre-qualified contractors and sub-contractors that are suitable for your project. Your home repair, addition, new build, or home improvement can be managed by you or by one of the listed contractors of your choosing. This can help give you a peace of mind in these important decisions and potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

For Contractors ~ There is often more than enough work around but the trouble is often in finding it.  Most know that those who are needing work done want more than one choice in contractors when it comes to their project.  Contractors also do best when they have more potential jobs to choose from than they can get to. also helps contractors near or around Victor  find work closer to where they live.  Why work on a job three or four towns away when the same type of work might be found right in your own back yard. 


Helping to Match Homeowners with Qualified / Affordable Contractors

50 West Main Street ~ Victor, NY 14564

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Unless otherwise stated, REMODELINGVICTORNY.COM serves as an online contractor directory/listing service only.

We attempt to list the best-qualified and most affordable contractors in the Victor and Rochester, New York and surrounding Ontario and Monroe County areas.
We make no warrants or promises as to our effectiveness in so doing

REMODELINGVICTORNY.COM is not an interested party in the negotiation and execution of any contracts that may directly or indirectly result from the facilitating of our listing services.